FarmVille August 12, 2013 Limited Edition Porcelain Items

Royal Porcelain Pegacorn


Royal Porcelain Pegacorn Pink Flower Porcelain Pony Moriage Porcelain Japanese Dragon Porcelain Deer Porcelain Chicken

Royal Porcelain Pegacorn – 30 Farm Cash
Pink Flower Porcelain Pony – 24 Farm Cash
Moriage Porcelain Japanese Dragon – 20 Farm Cash
Porcelain Deer – 16 Farm Cash
Porcelein Chicken – 16 Farm Cash

Russian Rose Porcelain Tree Porcelain Bouquet Tree Asian Porcelain Tree Gold Porcelain Splash Tree

Russian Rose Porcelain Tree (Level 1) – 8 Farm Cash
Porcelain Boquet Tree (Level 2) – 14 Farm Cash
Asian Porcelain Tree (Level 1) – 8 Farm Cash
Gold Porcelain Splash Tree (Level 2) – 14 Farm Cash

Porcelain Hibiscus Flower Tree German Porcelain Tree

Porcelain Hibiscus Flower Tree (Level 1) – 8 Farm Cash
Magic Porcelain hibiscus Flower Tree (Level 2) – Mystery Seedling
German Porcelain Tree (Level 1) – 8 Farm Cash
Giant German Porcelain Tree (Level 2) – Mystery Seedling

Porcelain Bridge Porcelain Butterfly Fountain

Porcelain Bridge – 13 Farm Cash
Porcelein Butterfly Fountain – 10 Farm Cash

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