August 22, 2013 Limited Edition Egyptian Oasis Items

Anubis Jackal


Egyptian Pegacorn Egypt Chariot Pony Egyptian Dragon Anubis Jackal Egyptian Rabbit Baby Nile Crocodile

Egyptian Pegacorn – 28 Farm Cash
Egypt Chariot Pony – 24 Farm Cash
Egyptian Dragon – 20 Farm Cash
Anubis Jackal – 14 Farm Cash
Egyptian Rabbit – 12 Farm Cash
Baby Nile Crocodile – 10 Farm Cash

Egyptian Lotus Tree Royal Headdress Tree Egyptian Tree of Life Scarab Tree

Egyptian Lotus Tree – 6 Farm Cash
Royal Headdress Tree – 12 Farm Cash
Egyptian Tree of Life – 8 Farm Cash
Scarab Tree – 14 Farm Cash

Cleopatra Gnome Egyptian Oasis Egyptian Throne Room Scarab Fence

Cleopatra Gnome – 12 Farm Cash
Egyptian Oasis – 12 Farm Cash
Egyptian Throne Room – 100000 Coins
Scarab Fence – 3000 Coins

Egyptian Ziggurat

Egyptian Ziggurat – 60000 Coins

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