FarmVille August 5, 2013 Limited Edition Pretty in Pink Items

Pink Petalwing Pegasus


Pink Petalwing Pegasus Totally Radicorn Pink Chinese Dragon Pink Lamacorn Pink Crystal Sheep Baby Pink Elephant

Pink Petalwing Pegasus – 30 Farm Cash
Totally Radicorn – 30 Farm Cash
Pink Chinese Dragon – 20 Farm Cash
Pink Lamacorn – 18 Farm Cash
Pink Crystal Sheep – 16 Farm Cash
Baby Pink Elephant – 16 Farm Cash

Pink Harmony Bonsai Tree – 15 Farm Cash
Magic Pink Harmony Bonsai Tree – Mystery Seedling
Taffeta Tutu Tree – 6 Farm Cash
Pink Tiara Tree – 12 Farm Cash
Shades of Pink Tree – 8 Farm Cash
Giant Shades of Pink Tree – Mystery Seedling

Pink Bubble Bath Pink Princess Gnomette

Pink Bubble Bath – 14 Farm Cash
Pink Princess Gnome – 12 Farm Cash

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