FarmVille Arbor Day Personality Voting (April 23, 2013)


Spring Blossoms Tree Spring Blossoms Tree Question Summer Greens Tree
Fir Bonsai Fir Bonsai Question Barberry Bonsai
Tree Trunk Fountain Tree Trunk Fountain Question Tree Top Fountain
Red Panda Tree Red Panda Tree Question Leopard Tree
Summer Night Setting  Summer Night Setting Question Spring Brunch Picnic
Hedge Tree  Hedge Tree Question Squat Tree Hedge
Warm Seasons Tree Warm Seasons Tree Question A Chilly Seasons Tree
Twisted Tree Twisted Tree Question Zigzag Tree
Bare Branch Arbor Bare Branch Arbor Question Full Foliage Arbor
Flower Dryad Horse  Flower Dryad Horse Green Dryad Horse
Dwarf Blue Spruce Dwarf Blue Spruce Question Licuala Palm
Lean To Lean To Question Sand Castle Fort

FarmVille Sense of Humor Personality Voting

Travelling Personality VotingTravelling Personality Voting

What is your sense of humor type?

Greeting Gnome Question 1 Friendly Gnome
Marshmallow Elephant Question 2 Dead Pan Elephant
Caricature Tree Question 3 Disguise Kit Tree
Joker Bear Question 4 Prankster Bear
Goat Quixote Question 5 Goat Mime
Bed Of Flowers Question 6 Mock-ing Bird
Rolling Hyena Question 7 Tickling Hyena
Non Sequitur Tree Question 8 Banana Peel Tree
Extra Long Giraffe Question 9 Short Neck Giraffe
Marionette Chicken Question 10 Stooge Chicken
TV Camera Tree Question 11 Standup Stage Tree
Clown Unicorn Question 12 Jester Unicorn

FarmVille Traveling Personality Voting

What type of Romantic are you?

Goat Riding a Beach Bike Stage 1 Goat Riding a Dutch Modern Bike
Chicken with Giant Backpack Stage 2 Touristy Chicken Group
International Horse Stage 3 Wild West Horse
Jetset Tree Stage 4 Travel Tree
Big City Duck Stage 5 Small Village Duck
Tropical Cat Stage 6 Mountain Climber Cat
Mayan Stone Stage 7 Modern Sculpture
Stationary Surf Dog Stage 8 Pilot Dog
Snowshoeing Sheep Stage 9 Penthouse Sheep
Hiking Moose Stage 10 Lifeguard Moose
Bungee Jumping Seagull Stage 11 Seagull with Camera
Shopping Unicorn Stage 12 Flowery Unicorn

FarmVille Early Seasons / Early Spring Personality Voting

Version 1Version 2

What type of Romantic are you?

Petal Sheep Question 1 Snowflake Sheep
Baby Porcupine Question 2 Snuggly Porcupine
Fisherman Gnomette Question 3 Sledding Gnome
Tanning Duck Question 4 Speed Skiing Duck
Mulled Wine Tree Question 5 Sangria Tree
Arching Trees Question 6 Snowball Fort
Raincoat Cub Question 7 Snowy Cub
Fire Roasting Pig Question 8 BBQ Pig
Spring Gnome House Question 9 Winter Gnome House
Cleaning Cow Question 10 Storage Cow
Common Laburnum Tree Question 11 Ice Laburnum Tree
Batter Horse Question 12 Football Horse

FarmVille New Year’s Resolution 2013 Voting

What were your new year’s resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions

FarmVille What’s Your Holiday Party Style? Voting

Caroler Cow 
Caroler Cow
Holiday Snow Globe Jack Frost Cow 
Jack Frost Cow
Holiday Baker Gnome 
Holiday Baker Gnome
Holiday Snow Globe Whoopie Cushion Gnome 
Whoopie Cushion Gnome
Jolly Snowman 
Jolly Snowman
Holiday Snow Globe Laughing Snowman 
Laughing Snowman
Giving Horse 
Giving Horse
Holiday Snow Globe Wrapped Horse 
Wrapped Horse
Ugly Sweater Bear 
Ugly Sweater Bear
Holiday Snow Globe Party Bear 
Party Bear
Christmas Toy Shop 
Christmas Toy Shop
Holiday Snow Globe Trickster Toy Shop 
Trickster Toy Shop
Tinsel Maple Tree 
Tinsel Maple Tree
Holiday Snow Globe Coal Tree 
Coal Tree
Sugar Tree 
Sugar Tree
Holiday Snow Globe Spice Tree 
Spice Tree
Quiet Toast 
Quiet Toast
Holiday Snow Globe Countdown Crowd 
Countdown Crowd
Candlelight Tree 
Candlelight Tree
Holiday Snow Globe Loud Noisemaker Tree 
Loud Noisemaker Tree
Bashful Bunny 
Bashful Bunny
Holiday Snow Globe Sly Rabbit 
Sly Rabbit
Host Pegacorn 
Host Pegacorn
Holiday Snowglobe Life Of The Party Pegacorn 
Life Of The Party Pegacorn

FarmVille Ferris Wheel

FarmVille Unreleased Windmill

FarmVille Easter Sunday

FarmVille Easter Sundae Stage 6 FarmVille Easter Sundae noticeFarmVille Easter Sundae Stage 6


FarmVille Easter Sundae Stage 1
Easter Sundae
Stage 1
FarmVille Easter Sundae Stage 2
Easter Sundae
Stage 2
FarmVille Easter Sundae Stage 3
Easter Sundae
Stage 3
FarmVille Easter Sundae Stage 4
Easter Sundae
Stage 4
  FarmVille Easter Sundae Stage 5
Easter Sundae
Stage 5
FarmVille Easter Sundae Stage 6
Easter Sundae
Stage 6


FarmVille Waffle Fence
Waffle Fence
10 Ice Cream needed
FarmVille Ice Cream Sundae Tree
Ice Cream Sundae Tree
50 Ice Cream needed
FarmVille Ice Cream Gnome
Ice Cream Gnome
60 Ice Cream needed
FarmVille Ice Cream Gnome
Chocolate Syrup Waterfall
70 Ice Cream needed
  FarmVille Sundae Horse
Sundae Horse
130 Ice Cream needed
FarmVille Cream Dragon
Cream Dragon
150 Ice Cream needed

Ice Cream Request Link:

    FarmVille Ice Cream
Ice Cream

FarmVille Candy Castle

FarmVille Candy Castle Loading Screen

FarmVille Candy Castle Stage 4FarmVille Candy Castle Stage 5FarmVille Candy Castle Stage 6

FarmVille Candy Castle Menu