FarmVille Tree Breeding Guide

In FarmVille you can use Orchards to store your trees on your farm and harvest them with just one click, or use them for tree breeding. Tree Breeding means producing the Mystery Seedling for the Trees that you want. In Orchards which are ready to harvest, you can add more Trees and the Orchard still stays at "100% Ready". This means, if you have some Orchards with just 1 Tree inside, you can add other Trees to breed or master them. Mystery Seedlings just contain lvl 2 Trees (with the exception of some trees).


The Basic Setup

1. Build as many Orchards as you like. To start new Orchards you have to buy and build one after another. You must complete the one on your farm before starting the next one*.
2. Place only 1 Tree (it doesnt matter which one) in each of your Orchards. This is needed to get your Orchard(s) to 100% Ready.
3. Wait 2 days till your orchards are ready to harvest.

*Tree Breeding is hard work and needs many Orchards. Sometimes you will have to harvest 10 Orchards just for 1 Mystery Seedling. 50+ Orchards should be a good start, no limit upwards.

FarmVille Tree Breeding Basic Setup


Tree Breeding

1. Once your Orchards are built you can start moving in the Tree you like to breed into your Orchard where you want to start from. (This can be the Level1 Tree from the FarmVille Market, or a specific Tree you got from a neighbor)
2. Harvest the Orchards in which you moved your tree(s) in – now you will get Coins (or Coconuts on newer Trees), Harvest Counts for your Tree Mastery, and maybe a Mystery Seedling which includes the Tree you are just breeding*.
3. Move the Tree you like to breed into the next Orchard and harvest it again… Keep doing this procedure until all of your Orchards are harvested.

*You will have the option to share this Mystery Seedling, but after sharing it’s a Random Seedling. This means, the Neighbor who is taking the Seedling will get a different Tree than you.


Tree Mastery

1. Keep 19 Trees that you like to master and 1 Random Tree (to keep the Orchard getting ready) in the Orchard were you start from.
2. Harvest this Orchard.
3. Move the Trees over to the next Orchard and harvest it. Keep doing this procedure until your Tree(s) which you are just moving around are mastered.